Police Training Center Turchi | History
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Government of Maharashtra decided to recruit post of PSI as there was need and large amount of vacancies of said post .Basic training for PSI is given at Maharashtra Police Academy,Nashik .But it was the need of time to complete the training of PSI’s as early as possible so that they could join the force as immediately as they could for this purpose government decided to develop a new police training centre at Turchi ,tal-Tasgaon,Dist-Sangli.

Government has given administrative permission in 2007 for starting this centre .A piece of land of 25 hectares was acquired at Turchi at survey no.1008/a/1.A tender of RS 2461 lac was issued for the building of essential buildings and basic infrastructure .Construction was started immediately according to the tender and was completed in December 2009 having built up area of 17,275.30 sq.m. which consists hostel for trainees, kitchen , dining hall,Central administrative building ,Office for principal, Office for RPI, bail of arms and also building of 48 flats of type to and a water tank having capacity of 2.5 lakh litres.A scheme of lift irrigation from river Yerala is also completed .Driving simulator room, swimming pool, library, recreation hall and quarters for officers and workers have been also built. Facility of modern gymnasium , firing range, guard room and visitors room is also provided at this centre.

This centre has got first prestigious Grow Green and Energy saving project award for its high quality of energy saving machinery . Wind energy is used in building premises , Solar panels are used for heating the water which is used for bathing .There is unit of sewage water treatment plant by which water is purified and used for irrigating plants. A unit of biogas is run over the wet garbage . considering all this things a institute named Terigrah has given star rating which is run by Ministry of environment and forestry and ministry of renewable energy jointly. For this , this institute has been rewarded by the hands of Hon. Minister Shri. Farukh Abdulla.This award is awarded to those institutes which saves energy and has high capacity. This institute has also got Vishwa Karma Award which is given by Construction Development Council.

5000 plant are planted in the premises of this institution which will help to keep the environment green and clean. Vermi culture is used as a fertiliser for these plants which is created in Vermi culture project. Government of Maharashtra has awarded Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vruksha Mitra award in 2012 for plantation of trees.

It is our motto to create an officer who is disciplined, dutiful, sensitive and will work for the people by enhancing democratic values , for this we have provided following facilities:

1] Hostel: It has capacity of 500 rooms which consists cot , bed , pillow, bedsheet, table, chair, cupboard , hot water by solar system, electricity backup by wind mill, toilets, drinking water, water coolers, biogas plant and generator also.

2] Facilities like Library, Modern gym, canteen, laundry, saloon, tailor and hospital.

3] For entertainment we are providing LCD, carom board , volley ball ground,newspaper and hall for cultural activities .

4] There is computer lab of 25 computer, motor driving simulator . We are providing modern arms and ammunition, medicine ball , logs, wooden horse and rope climbing facility for the trainees.

5] Modern well equipped mess – Dining tables, water coolers, purified water, fly killers , blowers and chimneys , grinders and mixers and essential utensils.

6] Law instructors for teaching law.

7] Van for the students .

8] Modern AV classrooms consisting loptops and multimedia projector.

All this was possible due to great support and help of Hon. Home minister and DGP of Maharashtra.

Three batches of cadet PSI’s consisting 807 PSI’s have been passed out through the centre successfully and they are rendering yeomen service all over Maharashtra. Since 14 Nov 2015 a first batch of police constables is getting training .They are from Mumbai city, Nashik city, Thane city, Aurangabad rural and from the districts of Latur, Akola, Osmanabad, Jalgaon and Dhule. The trainees are taught PT, parade, mock drill, weapon training and handling, firing on the ground as the part of outdoor training while indoor training consists of knowledge regarding laws like major and criminal minor acts, crime investigation , prohibition, forensic science and practical .These 8 subjects are being taught in indoor classrooms. The final examination was conducted from 13 July 2015 to 27 July 2015.Now these trainee constables are induldged in kumbh mela bandobast at Nashik. During the training we tries to inculcate values like equality for work, importance of work, for this activities like plantation, cleanliness are arranged. Cadet mess is also run by the cadet themselves on cooperative principal by the directions given by the diet expert Rutuja Divekar .

Now 659 WPC are getting training from various districts and cities which is also the first batch of women police constables.

Now a days Police training centre, Turchi is emerging as one of the best training centres on the horizon of training areana . It has got name and fame all over Maharashtra in Maharashtra police.