Police Training Center Turchi | Indoor Training
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Indoor Training

The indoor training ensures that the trainees acquire maximum knowledge ,skills and attitudes required for effectively discharging the duties at the place of posting.

Standard Study Material Developed by the Training Institutes


2.Lesson Plans

3.Use of Book Published by PTC

4.Pen Drive

5.News Paper Cutting



8.Latest High court & Supreme Court Judgments

9.Study materials

a)Study material given to the trainees- Books, Model question answers, subject guide, Trainees Notes and Other Study material.

b) Annual upgrading of study materials- Every year, review of study material and syllabus is taken and is upgraded accordingly. The necessary amendment is made in Pen Drive, PPT , Subject guides, Modal Question and Answer papers books etc.

c) Implementation of Standardized Lesson Plan – All subjects are divided into certain no of lesson  plans and each lesson plan is prepared with PPT, trainees  notes, trainers notes, FAQ & accordingly training is given with the help of such material.