Police Training Center Turchi | Outdoor Training
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Outdoor Training

Outdoor training of the recruits aims to achieve best physical fitness, skills in specific field and develop scientific aptitude to tackle problems while performing field duties. Under mentioned programs are followed

  • Physical training
  • Commando training
  • Jungle Warfare Tactics
  • Arm drill
  • Foot drill and regular parade
  • Weapon tactics
  • Obstacles etc

Best practices :- Maximum 10 practices may be taken into consideration -@ 5 marks per practice during the test (five best practices for Indoor and best practices for Outdoor) which are as follows


  1. Using GPS
  2. Simulated firing/SATS etc.
  3. Using Electronic Sand models
  4. Using 3D mapping System through Satellite/Google Maps
  5. Using net connectivity to classrooms and web based resources.